Shihtzu Was Caught on Camera Giving Her Owner a Judgy Look for Going Out

For dogs, their humans are the center of their world. This is why they are often surprised when they get a sense it isn’t the other way around.

A dog owner named Brenda recently shared a funny video that shows her Shihtzu Gizzy sitting on a sofa and giving her a judgy look for going out. It turns out the dog isn’t accustomed to these kinds of situations and was probably waiting for another night of relaxation and cuddles. But to his surprise, his owner had a completely different idea.

“When your dog isn’t use to you going out. Lol,” it says in the caption of the video.

The video got more than seven million views and had TikTok users analyzing Gizzy’s look and suggesting what it might be saying.

“Doggy looking you up and down like “where the hell you going,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“Dog said: that ain’t your pj’s and food? girl it’s 8pm our show is on sit down,” another suggested.

We just hope that Brenda had fun during her night out but also made sure to make it up to Gizzy with lots of cuddles and treats afterward.

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