Security Camera Captures a Rare Footage of Elusive Cacomistle

Ever heard about a cacomistle? Don’t feel bad if you didn’t. This elusive animal, which counts raccoon as its cousin, prefers to spend its days hidden and rarely comes close to humans. However, one Mexico City native named Victor was recently lucky enough to have cacomistle visit his home.

Home security and smart home devices company Ring recently shared a video featuring footage captured by a security camera installed at the front of Victor’s house. The footage shows a cacomistle snooping around the backyard before taking something from the porch and making a run for it.

“Victor set up his Ring camera to monitor the front of his house. On recent nights, he’s seen this cacomistle (ring-tailed cat) checking out his home! “said Ring in the caption of the video.

Cacomistles are nocturnal animals that belong to the Procyonidae family, which also includes coatis, kinkajous, and raccoons. They live all across Central America, including Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama.

The sightings of cacomistles have been quite rare in the past due to their secretive nature but are becoming more common recently for an unfortunate reason. Due to deforestation, these animals are losing their habitats and are forced to places where humans live in search of food.

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