New Guinea Dog Is Very Rare But Thankfully Not Extinct

The New Guinea Highland Wild dog is the most rare dog species out there. For a while, scientists believed that the breed was extinct as this type of dog was nowhere to be found.  These dogs originated and mostly lived in the South Pacific Islands. However, for numerous decades, not a single person has sighted the dog until now.

Scientists have found and taken photos of roughly 15 of these cute puppies in their natural habitat within the last year or so. They were male and female. There are two types of New Guinea dogs, the New Guinea highland and the singing dogs of New Guinea. The latter is more Australian is not as rare. The New Guinea Highland dog is, in fact, the rarest dog on our planet.

Prior to these findings, this breed of dog was only found in captivity. Now, there are pictures of them running wild and it’s beautiful. They seem to be doing very well away from human contact. They are all different colors and have a variety of patterns of fur.

The way scientists were able to confirm that these dogs were in fact New Guinea Highland dogs was through their feces. They completed DNA testing on their poop to confirm their existence.

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