Myths and Truths about Cholesterol


We all know that good health is measured according to a wide variety of different things including but exclusive to our diet. Daily intake of veggies and water for example, exercise or how many times we go to the gym and other lifestyle choices, like smoking, drinking etc. But one of the most talked about and an anticipated health issue is that of heightened cholesterol.



Now don’t be fooled, our bodies actually needs the waxy substance found in our cell membranes to function, it primarily aids in the creation of certain hormones and vitamins, but on the same breath, one should know, that too much cholesterol can be really bad for you. Especially if it starts clogging up your arteries. But as with everything there are myths and truths and how to maintain healthy cholesterol levels there are a few.

1. Dairy and eggs –  are not the enemy, despite being high in fat and cholesterol you just need to manage your intake

2. Your annual checkup at the doctor should be able to tell you whether your cholesterol levels are high, if so how you can manage them.

3. Statin pills are not necessarily the answer to reducing your cholesterol.

4. While fat isn’t always the healthiest, saturated fat is not actually cholesterol. Again it’s about managing your intake.

5. The goal is to keep your cholesterol below 200. Manage carefully what you eat and find the balance. And don’t forget to visit your doc.


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