May The Dogs Live Happily Ever After

Most stories about pit bulls that make the headlines are negative. But this week, there was some good news to share.


Two pit bulls, Abbey and Zeus, were delivered to a shelter after being rescued from very abusive living situations. Abbey was extremely shy and found it difficult to be around other dogs. Zeus was  physically weak when he arrived after a lifetime in dog fighting circles. He also had a tough time trusting humans and other dogs… until he met Abbey.


The two pit bulls immediately took to each other and have been inseparable since. However, the shelter workers knew that one day they would have to separate them when they go up for adoption. But when a loving couple heard of the lovebirds connection, they decided to adopt them both.


The shelter workers and new parents decided to hold a celebration for the couple by hosting a wedding ceremony. The officiator read the vows and the dogs exchanged collars (instead of rings), followed by a party into the night.

May they live happily ever after!

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