Lost Dog Finds Way to His Old Shelter and Rings a Doorbell Saying She Wants In

Sure, we know that dogs are intelligent. But the story recently shared by animal shelter Animal Rescue League of El Paso (ARL) shows just how smart they are.

In late January, the staff of ARL received a surprising notification that someone rang a doorbell at their facility at 1:30 AM. Checking out the camera, one staffer noticed a familiar dog standing in front and waiting to get in. It was a rescue pupper named Bailey, who was adopted just one month earlier by a local family.

Speaking through the doorbell camera app, the staffer shouted “Bailey,” and the dog immediately looked at the camera, confirming her identity. The staffer then made her way to the shelter and found Bailey sitting tight.

It turned out that Bailey was scared away by something while walking with her new owner and ran away. She then decided to make a 10-mile trip to her former home, returning to the place where she always felt safe.

After taking in Bailey, the ARL staff provided the dog with food and water to help her recoup energy from the exhausting trek. She was reunited with her owner, who never stopped looking for her, and brought back to her new home the next morning.

“She knew exactly where to go,” ARL founder Loretta Hyde later told The Dodo. “Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.”

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