Lemurs Who Have Fallen In Love With The Sunshine

All animals appreciate a little sunshine. But these adorable lemurs have the funniest way of expressing it.


In a zoo in the UK, a group of lemurs, sitting high above the viewers on a branch, are struggling to not fall while stretching their long arms out, exposing themselves to the direction of the sun.


For some, it might actually look like they are trying to hug the sun. Scientists believe they are exposing themselves in such a way as to dry out their fur from between their arms. But, we would prefer to believe they are just a bunch of sun worshippers.


I guess the sun is also a large part of their natural habitat. These monkeys are native to Madagascar, where they live in large groups of approx 10 – 15. They enjoy diets of leaves, berries and small insects. And of course, they love bathing in the sun.

This video is sure to put a smile on your face and make you wish you were outside in the sun yourself.

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