Kind Humans Act Swiftly to Rescue a Fox Cub That Had Her Head Stuck in a Jar

The curiosity of foxes is one of their most endearing traits. However, it can sometimes get them in serious trouble. Luckily, in plenty of those situations, there are kind humans that are willing to help them.

The British charity organization The Fox Project recently shared a rescue story about a curious fox cub that got her head stuck in a jar and lived to “tell” about it.

The fox was spotted by a “compassionate individual” who immediately alerted the experts from The Fox Project. The rescuers acted swiftly, containing the fox, and cut the hole in the jar in order to allow the wild animal to breathe properly.

The fox cub, now named Jar Jar, was later taken to a hospital to have the entire jar removed and treated for dehydration at ticks.

The Fox Project later shared an update on Jar Jar, revealing that the fox cub is doing great after receiving care, rest, and nourishing meals.

“Jar Jar has joined a group of four other rescued cubs, and is happily enjoying their company in an outdoor pen. We will continue to keep you updated on her journey as she prepares for her slow release back into the wild at natural dispersal time,” The Fox Project added while sharing a photo of Jar Jar with her new friends. 

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