Kids Send a Touching Note to Animal Shelter After Having to Give Up Their Dog

It is hard to say goodbye to someone we love, especially when parting is inevitable, and we can’t do anything about it. An animal protection organization Greenville Humane Society (GHS) in Greenville, South Carolina, recently shared one of those parting stories that deeply moved internet users.

GHS welcomed a new resident, a dog named Rhoudy. The dog was sent to the organization by a family who, for unknown reasons, couldn’t keep them in their household. Alongside Rhoudy, a touching note from the family’s kids also came.

“We love you Rhoudy. I will miss you, Rhoudy. But you’re going home! And I hope your people love you as much as I do. Love, [redacted]. You good boy!!!” it said in the note accompanied by Rhoudy’s portrait.

GHS shared the note on their Facebook page while also sending a reply to the kids. In the reply, the organization wrote that Rhoudy is doing well, going on walks and playing with toys. They also said that they would do their best to find Rhoudy a great new home with someone who would love him just as much.

“So, dry those tears. And put that smile back on your face. Because we’ve got you. We’ve got Rhoudy. And we promise, with everything we have, to give Rhoudy all the love you did during his time with you. We promise to find him a home that will love him just as much as you do. We know it’s hard. But we’ve got you. We promise,” Greenville Humane Society added.

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