Khanh Mai is Celebrating the Marine World Through Her Enamel Pins

There’s something truly fascinating about the marine world, and we’ve seen many artists look for inspiration in the depths of the ocean. Khanh Mai of Alum and Ink is one of them, and her signature enamel pins often pay homage to her favorite marine animals.

Mai is a designer who draws inspiration from nature, dreams, personal experiences, mythology, and nostalgia, and the name behind her brand is quite symbolic. She named Alum and Ink after her childhood dogs, the two well-loved mutts who lived as free-spirits and spent their dog days romping about in the woods and farm.

In addition to inspiring the name of her brand, animals are often the driving force behind her work. She makes prints, postcards, stickers, buttons, enamel pins, charms, patches, and more taking care of all sorts of different fascinating animals, but ocean dwellers certainly hold a special place in her heart.

Many of Mai’s signature pins take the shape of the marine animals we all know and love, from dolphins and narwhals to octopuses and sharks. Whales, however, are clearly her favorite, and we’ve seen her pay homage to several different species over the years, putting a whimsical and dreamy twist on the ocean’s gentle giants.

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