Heres What it Means When Your Dog is Giving You the Guilty Look

We all know that look. When your dog ate part of your flip-flops or jumped on the couch leaving marks or dropped something from the kitchen counter.

When you walk in on your puppy with that expression on, you know he did something he wasn’t supposed to do.

You think he is giving you the look to get some sympathy, but that’s not exactly what he is doing. And even if that’s not what he is doing, you end up falling for it because “Come on, he is so adorable!”

What that expression really means is fear.

His look is not a guilty face at all. We think it is because we’re using our human bias to assign an emotion to it. Turns out the purpose of this look is not to gain sympathy. It’s way less human and complex than that. It is the look of fear.

Heres What it Means When Your Dog is Giving You the Guilty Look

It’s a sign that he is afraid something bad will come, he is scared about a possible punishment, about making his best friend (the owner) angry. He is literally scared of the consequences, of the shouting or of the bad looks.

So he gives you this look like he is waiting for something bad to happens and he is not trying to convince you of anything, he is just scared. After knowing what that look truly means, we still don’t feel like punishing him and we’ll probably keep falling for that cute face.

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