Hamster Is Fighting Crime Together With the German Police

It was a normal day of work until the Berlin Police officers received a very weird call.  It was a local hospital and the officers were asked to save a… hamster! The critter was in fact lost or abandoned. He was hidden alone in a nearby bush and no one at the hospital could help him so the hospital staff decided to call for help. Fortunately, the police officers decided to take on the mission and saved the hamster.

It doesn’t happen every day that the police receives a call from a local hospital and is asked to save an abandoned hamster.

After saving him, the officers gave him a name. They called him Sir Henry and decided to take him to the police station where he immediately felt at home.

Not only, one of the policemen adopted the tiny animal and now he is officially part of the Berlin Police team! He is such a star at the office that someone even did a drawing of the cutest addition to Berlin Police inspired by the story.

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