Grieving Cat Mom Finds New Purpose in Caring for Her Owner’s Toddler

A story about a grieving cat mom named Callie who found a new purpose in caring for her owner’s toddler has moved millions of internet users since being shared in a viral TikTok video back in April.

Callie has been placed on the list for euthanasia for becoming too aggressive following the loss of her kittens. However, one kind cat lover decided to rescue her and give her a loving home. It proved to be a great decision.

The cat quickly got attached to her owner’s toddler and provided all the motherly love she had to them. The two can be seen hanging out, exchanging cuddles, and enjoying their time together. 

“There is no pain greater than losing a child … But we are glad our mama kitty finally got her rainbow baby,” Callie’s human wrote in caption of the clip that got 4.7 million views since being shared.

Callie’s touching story ended up causing more than a few TikTok users to have their eyes filled with tears. 

“When you said “she finally got her rainbow baby,” I burst into tears,” one TikToker wrote in the comments section.

“Who’s cutting onions in here?” another added.

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