What is Really Hidden in Your Food?

The debate around what various food companies are putting in mass produced food has been raging on for your years. The preference of organic food has become an all important question in many households and the FDA’s most recent rule regarding ingredients usually identified as safe has critics suggesting that consumers are in fact “at risk”. This is pretty scary stuff, so read on for more insight into the dangers of processed and modified foods. They might seem easy at the time but is the risk worth it?

Did you known that the Food and Drug Administration recently passed a law that actually allows food companies to add new ingredients to your food without any form of authoritarian oversight? Do we have any idea about what ingredients are being put in our food and whether or not they are actually safe to consume?

It’s these unknown ingredients, the ones that haven’t been reported to any sort of federation, that have critics and consumers up in arms. With the substantial increase in food additives, and hundreds or thousands of chemicals being found in processed foods we have to eventually consider what we are actually putting in our bodies. These include daily staples from breakfast cereals and energy drinks to microwave dinners and all those on the go snacks.

They are approximately 1,000 substances that are being used in producing foodstuffs without safety approval or even notice to the FDA. Time to stop and think about what we are eating and how many other hidden substances are actually in our food.

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