The end is here! You finally made it and we couldn’t be more proud. Working hard gives you the results you want and the healthy lifestyle you need. Friday is all about ending things on the right note. Just like you finish a crazy hard work out with stretching, Friday is the seventh inning stretch of your week. Here’s how to head into the weekend, loose and ready to party.

Invest in a Yoga Mat

Get yourself a yoga mat and spend your morning stretching things out. It’s an easy way to get a workout indoors. With your brand new mat, you will be inspired to hit the floor and let loose. Don’t feel the need to head for the pricey luxury brand, the importance of a yoga mat it to provide some impact protection and keep your workout skid free. A bath towel might make things more comfy for your bum, but you are likely to slip around while you’re reaching for your toes in your stocking feet.

Mid-Morning Stretch

Keeping up with the stretching theme, try replacing your mid-morning and afternoon coffee breaks with a quick stretch. Wait until the coffee room is clear and do a few squats and bends to get your blood flowing. Getting some movement instead of a coffee is a calorie free way to re-energize and get your blood flowing so you can make the most of your Friday.

Healthy Lunch Hack

By the time Friday rolls around, chances are you are running low on fresh groceries. Before you decide to head for the closest restaurant or pick up a meal for one from CVS for lunch, take a look in your pantry, and your freezer. There’s a good chance you’ve got enough veggies and proteins to keep you going. Defrost that bag of spinach and cook up some eggs with spinach or mix a can of tuna with some frozen peas and a purple onion for a savory tuna salad. Plan ahead for days like this, with some smart weekend shopping – see our Saturday tips!

Unwind with a Friend

A healthy lifestyle, is not just about healthy eating. Make the most of an evening without the pressure of work the next day and take a friend out for a glass of wine. A long and meaningful conversation is the perfect end to a perfect week. You have worked hard and while you might feel like vegging out in front of the TV, taking time to talk is actually a more mindful and productive way to unwind. Sitting in front of a TV for hours may be wonderfully mind-numbing, and while it might not do any harm, taking the time to get to know yourself, and your friend better can have some serious pluses.

Healthy Dinner Choices

When you head out for your end-of-the-week dinner with friends or co-workers, keep your healthy habits in mind. Steer clear of things with heavy sauces and high sodium content. Look for menu options that focus on fresh and clean – a simple grilled chicken with rubbed spices or a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun. If you’re thinking about having a salad, make sure to get the dressing on the side and stay away from anything involving mayonnaise – try for fresh lemon juice and olive oil instead.

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