Foster Dog Who Lived 8 Years in a Cage Does Her First “Zoomies”

Dogs don’t need a lot to be happy. Just give them some care and freedom, and they will reward you with moments that will melt your heart. A recent video shared on the TikTok profile @bluebearsea perfectly captures that.

The clip features a foster dog that got her first taste of freedom and loving home after years of hardship. The canine is shown celebrating by doing her first “zoomies,” and it was a sight that made a lot of social media users elated and emotional. So brace yourself, because you’ll probably feel the same.

“Catching a flash of her first “zoomies” after making babies and living in a cage for almost 8 years,” it says in the caption of the video. 

The TikTokers rushed to the comments section to share how moved they were with the footage.

“Thank you for saving this precious soul! All doggies deserve a beautiful life,” @myrtlethesnappingturtle wrote.

“ZOOMIES are the purest form of puppy happiness,” @susantrammell721 added.

In another video, the dog who was doing zoomies is shown waiting on the porch for her foster mom and barking after she was late for dinner.

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