Firefighter Poses With Dog for Calender and Then Promptly Adopts Her

Army veteran, 34-year-old Rob Tackett, is a firefighter in Charleston. He is also a very good looking young man who has been known to model for the Charleston Animal Society’s firefighter’s calendar. More often than not, with his rippling chest muscles on display!

While posing for the 2017 calendar with a rescue puppy, Kimber, he fell in love. The cute dog’s owner, an elite Marine sniper who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a close friend of Tackett, had taken the dog as a form of therapy to help with his crippling PTSD and anxiety. However in summer 2016 Hall took ill, underwent serious surgery and as a result was no longer able to look after Kimber.

Despite his sadness at having to give up Kimber, he knew that there was only one man who could love and cherish her like he had done so faithfully. Tackett! Kimber would be extremely well cared for in Tackett’s home and Hall immediately suggested this new arrangement. The firefighter was only too happy to keep the dog and shortly after adopted her.

“I love that dog. Just being around her makes everything easier… She keeps me happy,” surmised Firefighter Tackett.

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