Everyone in Barcelona is Obsessed with This Corgi Café

There’s something truly amazing about corgis, and this dog breed won over everyone from royals and celebrities to citizens of Barcelona. People in this Spanish city can’t get enough of corgis after Corgi Café opened its doors and attracted visitors from all around the world.

Barcelona is best known for its incredible architecture and beautiful beaches, but it also has one of the most impressive brunch scenes in all of Europe. It’s home to many brunch spots that will knock you off your feet, but none of them compares to the recently opened Corgi Café.

Like most of the brunch spots in Barca, this one will impress you with its amazing café and impressive menu, but people aren’t coming here for croissants, pancakes, and eggs alone. The reason behind Corgi Café’s viral success is right there in its name – this unique establishment allows you to hang out with adorable corgis while enjoying your food and drinks.

Anton Ustimenko decided to open this café as a way of honoring his own corgi Juice, and he’s still dreaming big. After finding success in Barcelona, Ustimenko is thinking of opening more Corgi Cafés all around Spain, starting with Madrid and two cities in Catalonia.

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