Dogs Have Dreams Just Like Us and Scientists Know What They Dream About

Have you ever wondered if your dog is dreaming while sleeping? Not only scientists have found out that dogs do dream, but they can also tell you what your dog is dreaming about.

Dogs seem to always be ready to take a nap so it’s normal to wonder what’s going on in their minds when they sleep. We always want to know what dreams they experience.

Apparently, according many scientists, your dog might be having much more vivid dreams than you think. Recent studies have revealed that our sleep cycles are really similar with the ones of our puppies. Your sleep is comprised of numerous cycles.

From the moment you lie down to when you wake up, your brain is going through a lot of activities. You can have beautiful dreams of awful nightmares. The dreaming mostly occurs during the phase of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is only 1/4 of your total night’s sleep. REM sleep occurs in cycles, 20-90 minutes throughout the night.

Your dog has the same sleeping cycles that you have and his REM sleep can be associated with the rapid movement of their eyes. Not only that, a research at Harvard University has shown that your dog is most likely having dreams connected to you. Our dogs are most likely dreaming of us, their owners and best friend.

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