Dog Runs Away from His Owners and Decides to Take a Train Ride by Himself

Dogs have a natural urge to explore, and sometimes they just can’t resist it. That is what recently happened to a Labrador named Storm, who decided to run away from his owners and go on for a train ride by himself.

Last month, Storm and his humans made a trip from their home in Sydney, Australia, to Melbourne for a visit. One morning, the dog decided he was in the mood for some adventure, so he found a way out from their accommodation and went to explore the city.

At some point during his escapade, Strom ended up at Hoppers Crossing train station and figured it wouldn’t hurt to hop on a train. He ended up traveling for 20 miles and reached Flinders Street Station before being picked up by the train staff.

Luckily for Storm, he didn’t get into trouble for riding without a ticket. The staff from Metro Trains Melbourne, which operates Melbourne’s railway network, immediately reached out to the animal welfare organization Lost Dogs Home for help to reunite him with his humans. In the meantime, Storm was treated as a VIP passenger, receiving food and lots of pets while also getting a behind-the-scenes tour.

Metro Trains Melbourne later shared a video from their security cameras that detailed Storm’s adventure while also revealing that the dog and his family are back together.  

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