Dog Jumps into a Puddle of Mud After Bath and Grooming Session

Most owners like to spoil their dogs. This usually means keeping them cleaned and groomed at all times. But it turns out that some dogs prefer to live on the dirtier side of life.

TikTok user Fernanda Kreibich recently posted a hilarious clip that shows how her beloved pet Luna undid all of her pampering efforts in a matter of seconds. In the clip, the snow-white pupper, fresh out of a bath and grooming session, decides to jump into a big puddle of mud and have some fun.

The video ended up going viral, receiving close to 4 million views and attracting more than 8K comments.

Kreibich later posted a follow-up clip that showed Luna getting another shower but not regretting anything about her decision. 

The TikToker shared further details with The Dodo, saying that Luna’s action caught her by surprise. The dog usually doesn’t love the outdoors and is keeping itself clean, which is why she felt comfortable letting her walk outside. But Luna obviously wanted to try something different and perhaps found out that mud puddles are her new favorite thing.

“I don’t know what happened,” Kreibich told The Dodo. “I couldn’t believe it. She was having fun [in the mud].”

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