Dog Chases a Butterfly and Ends Up Stuck in Utility Pole Wires

The fire department of Quito, Ecuador, recently received an unusual call for help. There was a dog in need of a rescue after he got stuck in utility pole wires.

In a post shared on their Facebook page, Quito Fire Department explained that the dog was chasing a butterfly. Being focused on the hunt, the dog jumps to catch the butterfly without realizing he is actually jumping from the terrace of his home.

Luckily, the dog was “caught” by a thick bundle of utility pole wires that were just beneath the terrace. The pupper recognized the danger he got himself into and didn’t move, which ended up saving his life.

His owners immediately noticed something was wrong and called Quito Fire Department for help. The firemen quickly came to the site and, using their expertise, safely brought the dog to the ground and reunited him with his family.

“With extreme caution, we managed to get the intrepid puppy down and reunite him with his relieved family.  This incident reminds us of the importance of taking care of our pets,” the Quito Fire Department wrote in the post while attaching several photos of the rescue.

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