Dash the Corgi Enjoys Playing Fetch by Himself

All dogs want to do is run around and play fetch. Unfortunately, we humans are often too busy to do this whenever our pets are in the mood. This prompted an adorable corgi named Dash to start playing fetch with himself.

Dash’s owners have been recently sharing Corgi’s fetch antics on social media, and they are an amazing watch. The pupper isn’t picky about the place or time when he plays fetch and often disregards the fact that his humans are working.

The Internet users seem like they can’t get enough of Dash’s playfulness. He has a big following on Instagram, where pair of his fetching videos received several million likes.

After watching the cute doggo play fetch with himself, some people believed that this is just Dash’s way of seeking attention. But his human Mike disagrees.

“People think he’s trying to play fetch with us. I actually think he’s just trying to play fetch with himself, and we get in the way, “Mike told The Dodo in a recent interview. 

Mike also added that Dash is actually quite independent and that he will often play fetch even if there is no one in the house but him.

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