Curious Gray Seal Refuses to Go Back to the Ocean and Wants to Explore the Land Instead

Seals are curious creatures that enjoy exploring the world that surrounds them. And surprisingly, they don’t only stick to the water and beaches to satisfy their curiosity, as the police from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, recently discovered.

A week ago, Cape Elizabeth Police Department received a call from a member of the public who wanted to notify them that they saw a seal wandering through their neighborhood. A nearby police officer went to check out the situation, and behold; there was a young gray seal rolling in the snow in the middle of the roadway.

The officer managed to capture the seal and return it to the ocean, believing the sea creature was lost and couldn’t find its way back. But that wasn’t the case, as the seal wasn’t about to give up on his exploring adventure.

The next morning, Cape Elizabeth Police Department received another call informing them that the seal had made his way back to town. The responding police officer did the same as his colleague, capturing the marine mammal and helping him back to the ocean. And once again, it wasn’t what the seal wanted, as he was spotted in the same neighborhood just an hour later.

The Cape Elizabeth Police Department ended up contacting the local non-profit Marine Mammals of Maine for support. The organization picked up the seal and got him back to their hospital for examination. It turned out that the seal was recently separated from his mom and was exploring the land in search of company.

Marine Mammals of Maine shared on Facebook that the seal is now in good hands and that the professionals are working on bringing him to full health. He will remain under their care until they determine he is ready to get back into the wild.

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