Curbing Your Sweet Tooth is Simple

A bite of chocolate here and a few spoons of ice cream there, a sweet tooth are hard to control. Folks with a sweet tooth find it hard to stop reaching for sugary snacks and sugar consumption can have severely adverse effects. These are the secrets to make cutting back easy.

#1 Pass Over Processed Foods
Processed foods, even those that are not sweet, usually contain more sugar than you think. Tomato sauce, chips and other “basic” foods are more sugary than we’d like to believe. Staying away from processed foods can help you avoid those hidden sugars.


#2 Three Square Meals
Sticking to a schedule for meals and not leaving yourself high and dry without food, can help stop you from reaching for a quick Snickers when you’re hankering for a snack.


#3 Fruit is your Friend
Bananas might not be your top choice for desert, but your body will thank you. The natural sugars of fruits are far better for you, and also will help ease the sugar cravings.


#4 Check your Magnesium Levels
If you really find yourself looking for some sugar more often than seems natural, you might be low on magnesium. Foods like spinach, kale and legumes contain the magnesium that can help balance your food cravings.


#5 No Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners can seem like a godsend for those of us with a sweet tooth. But the calorie-free powders are packed with chemicals that are worse for your sugar cravings in the long run.

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