Crafty Cat Figures Out How to Open Doors, Teaches Family Dog Too

There is nothing wrong if your cat behaves mischievous from time to time. After all, such behavior is in their nature. But be careful if you have other pets in the house because a cat’s rebellious spirit can easily rub off on other four-legged members of the family. California native Madeline T Stevens-Saadeh learned that first-hand when her cat figured out how to open doors and then taught the family dog as well.

 Back in 2022, Stevens-Saadeh shared an amusing video on her TikTok that showed her cat Polly easily dealing with glass doors that are meant to keep her from wandering outside the living room. The crafty cat simply jumped on the door handle, used her weight to pull it down, and then simply walked through.

As it turned out, Polly decided to teach a family dog, a Belgian Malinois named Mila, how to pull off the same escape trick.


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Now, Stevens-Saadeh believed that Polly and Mila would keep their newfound skills for themselves. However, Mila had other ideas. There was no door that could stop her, including the door that led to the backyard.

In a recent chat with The Dodo, Stevens-Saadeh shared that she is really proud of how her pets managed to learn how to open the doors by themselves. Still, she decided to install locks on the doors that lead out of the house just in case. Now we wonder whether Polly and Mila will end up solving this obstacle as well.  

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