Courteney Cox Bares It All in an Interview about her Plastic Surgery

Any actress over the age of 30 has, unfortunately, been subject to the pressures of keeping a perfect image. Courteney Cox opens up here about her experience with plastic surgery.

We all know Courteney Cox well from her role as Monica Gellar in the international hit TV show from the 90s, Friends. After nearly a decade run with this show, she continued on to more success on the silver screen, starring in, among others, a show called Cougar Town. Here she jokes about what its like to be an aging woman who still wants to have fun like a younger girl. Recently, she was featured on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, where she opens up to him about what its like seeing her physical side transform. “I think there’s a pressure to maintain [your looks] not just because of fame, but just being a woman in this business,” she said. 

“Getting older, I don’t think that’s the easiest thing. But I have learned lessons. I think I was trying to keep up with getting older and trying to chase that. It’s something you can’t keep up with.” She said that she regretted having so much plastic surgery done, but admits that it came from caving into the pressures of being filmed constantly. And then, as if plastic surgery wasn’t an intimate enough topic, Cox then discussed her relationship and divorce with ex-husband, David Arquette. She admits that while their split wasn’t easy, they were lucky in that it was one of the easier divorces. Johnny McDaid, her current boyfriend, has shown her what true love can look like, and she is hopeful for the future.

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