Corgi’s First Bath Goes Better Than Expected

Dogs hate getting wet, which means that baths are always a huge challenge for dog owners. Some dogs will try to run away, others will loudly protest, while some will even fake they are asleep just to avoid bath time. However, one dog owner recently discovered that he might be lucky and have a dog who actually doesn’t mind baths so much. 

In a viral video shared on @tuckerontiktok TikTok profile, an adorable Corgi named Tucker can be seen getting his first bath. While at one point Tucker gets restless, he ends up going through the whole bath routine, handling the shampoo and water as a pro. As a reward, he got a nice paw massage.

“Guess who got a bath!” Tucker’s owner wrote in the caption of the video.

Tucker’s first bath ended up getting a lot of attention on TikTok. The video was viewed 1.7 million times since it was shared back in March while receiving hundreds of comments from social media users who found it adorable.

However, it turned out that not all Corgis behave the same when it’s bath time and that Tucker’s mom is, in fact, lucky.

“My corgi acts like he’s being tortured when it’s bath time,” one Corgi owner shared.

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