Cops “Arrest” Runaway Tortoise, Bring Her Back Home Safely

Seashell is a tortoise that has a loving family in San Antonio, Texas, that takes much joy in taking care of her. But this isn’t stopping Seashell from running away from home occasionally to embark on wild adventures. And no, the fact that she is slow doesn’t make her easy to catch.

Over the years, Seashell had her fair share of runaways, including the one in 2021 when she decided to break through the wooden backyard gate and explore what the outside world has in store for her. She ended up being spotted by the officers from Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, who managed to reunite her with her owners. And then the same thing happened just a few weeks ago. 

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office shared on their Facebook page that Seashell’s adventurous spirit got the best of her again. She went missing for a few days, giving her family a world of worry before one of the deputies spotted her on the street. He notified his supervisor, who immediately knew who the wanderer was; it was the same tortoise that he had returned to San Antonio native Mayda Garcia and her family two years ago.

Acting on the supervisor’s directive, deputy Joe Garza “arrested” the 60-pound tortoise, placed her in the back of his vehicle, and then took her home. After successfully completing the task, Garza was “presented with an award by his sergeant and lieutenant for catching the tortoise involved in the slowest foot pursuit Bexar County has ever seen!”

“This isn’t our first run-in with Seashell, and with Seashell’s track record, we assume it probably won’t be the last!” Bexar County Sheriff’s Office added in the Facebook post.

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