Cool Facts About Zebras That Will Surprise You

Zebras are instantly recognizable thanks to their stylish black and white stripes, but the truth is that many people don’t know a lot about them. So let’s change that by checking out some cool facts about zebras that will probably surprise you.

There Are Actually 3 Different Species of Zebras

We don’t blame you for thinking that all zebras belong to one species. However, there are actually three species of zebra—plains zebra, Grévy’s zebra, and mountain zebra—with each having its unique characteristics.

Zebra Stripes Are Unique

Every zebra has a unique stripes pattern similar to fingerprints in humans. Scientists believe that the black and white color of the stripes helps confuse predators and has some kind of role in regulating heat.

Baby Zebras Can Run One Hour After Being Born

Baby zebras, commonly known as foals, can stand on their own less than 10 minutes after being born. Even more impressive, they can run just one hour later.

Zebras Are Social Animals

Zebras are social animals and usually live in a family that exists as part of herds. The number of individuals in a particular herd varies but sometimes can reach more than 1,000 zebras during migrations to new feeding grounds. It isn’t uncommon that antelope or wildebeest join them in the latter case.

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