Cool Facts About Sloths You’ll Want to Share With Your Friends

You might think of sloths as lazy animals that are only interested in hanging from trees, sleeping, and eating. But while that might be partially true, there is much more to these intriguing animals than that. These cool facts below definitely prove that.

Sloths are Lazy for a Reason

Sloths are not lazy because they want to be like that; they are lazy because they need to be. Their metabolism is extremely slow, and their diet, which mostly includes leaves, doesn’t give them tons of energy. This is why they were forced to adapt their lifestyle and spend as little energy as possible in order to survive.

Sloths are Speedy Swimmers

Sloths are really slow when on the ground, being able to cover less than 10 feet in a minute. However, they are much faster in the water, reaching a speed of 44 feet per minute in short bursts.

Sloths Can Fall From 100 Feet and Remain Unharmed

Sloths spend most of their life on trees, so it makes sense that they frequently fall from them. However, they never get hurt. Their body is quite resistant to falling from large heights, and they could fall from 100 feet without being harmed.

Sloths Have Unusual Pooping Habits

Sloths are known for their unusual pooping habits. They poop only once a week and lose up to a third of their body weight in the process. Also, they only do it on the ground, near the base of the tree they call their home.

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