Cool Facts About Black Widow Spiders You’ll Want to Share With Your Friends

Black widow spider has a notorious reputation thanks to their intimidating look and fear of their potentially lethal venom. However, their danger to humans is mostly blown out of proportion. To check out why and learn more about Black Widow spiders, check out these cool facts below.

Black Widow Spider Bites are Rarely Deadly

You might have heard that the black widow is the world’s deadliest spider. However, that isn’t actually true. While their bites can cause severe symptoms, they rarely result in fatal consequences. Additionally, only female black widows are known to bite humans.

Female Black Widow Spiders Have Poor Eyesight

While more dangerous than their male counterparts, female black widows have poor eyesight. In order to get a feel of what is happening around them, they rely on the vibrations of their webs.

Black Widow Spider Webs are Extremely Strong

You probably already know that some spider species can create strong webs. However, the ones created by black widows are considered extremely strong. Scientists are even trying to synthetically replicate them in order to create stronger materials.

Black Widow Spiders Don’t Invade Human Houses and are Helpful

Black widow spiders prefer the outdoors and being surrounded by a lot of vegetation, which is why they don’t invade human houses. They also help humans by controlling the population of pests.

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