China’s Richest Dogs Has 8 iPhones

If you feel like you’ve been doing well financially lately, here’s one to put things in perspective.

Some people can’t afford an iPhone 7, which is understandable, what’s a little less understandable is that there’s a dog that owns an iPhone 7, scratch multiple iPhone 7s.

Chinas Richest Dogs Has 8 iPhones

Wang Sicong, son of the richest man in China, recently posted photos of his dog, Coco, nonchalantly sitting next to a pile of Apple’s newest release.

I’ll trade one for a doggy biscuit.

Wang posted the pictures of his very privileged canine onto a page dedicated to the pup on China’s biggest social media platform, Weibo. He was able to afford all of the iPhones because his father, Wang Jianlin, is worth $4.3 billion.

Chinas Richest Dogs Has 8 iPhones

With that kind of money, why doesn’t he have his own iPad and Oculus Rift too?

Does being jealous of a dog mean we’ve hit rock bottom?

These are important questions.


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