Cat Guides Lost Man Out of the Mountains and Into Safety

Things can get pretty depressing when you get lost, especially when it happens out in the wilderness as there’s no one to ask directions and night is just around the corner. That’s exactly what happened to a man recently, who got lost while he was hiking in the mountains in Gimmelwald, Switzerland. But lo and behold, he was aided by quite an unexpected savior.

Meet the mountain guide kitty! The man took to reddit to tell his story.

“Gimmelwald is a tiny, tiny stunningly beautiful village. I actually got ‘lost’ in the surrounding mountains. It was the end of ski season when I got to Lauterbrunnen, so the lifts weren’t working and some of the trails were closed,” he said.

He followed a roundabout trail up the mountain, and then followed those ski lifts further. Eventually he made it to the top and decided to follow a train track into the middle of a “totally empty town”.

Cat Guides Lost Man Out of the Mountains and Into Safety

“I was checking my map to see how I can get back to the hostel, and the only official way down was through a trail that was closed. And that’s how I met that handsome cat.”

The kitty noticed him when he was taking a break from the hike, eating a snack and resting his sprained ankle.

“As soon as I got up she started guiding me along some path,” he said. “She seemed super friendly considering I was a total stranger, must be used to the tourist crowd that comes annually in that region. This was the only cat I saw… She wasn’t really randomly wandering the mountains, rather I think she lives in the town I was in (Gimmelwald).”

Cat Guides Lost Man Out of the Mountains and Into Safety

“She was walking and kept looking at me to follow, led me straight to the path that would take me back down to the valley. We actually separated right at the end of that video,” he said. “I had to get down, and she had a territory to protect!”

Meanwhile, our cat continues to scratch us when we try to rub her belly.

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