Cat Gets A New Pair Of Legs

A miraculous operation has just taken place and given a 9th life back to this adorable feline.

It was a few months ago when this 3-year-old short-hair cat came into the ISU Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences with both back legs severely injured. The decision was to remove them, but all agreed this is not much of a life for a feline, considering their independence and love of exploration.

It was decided to attach prosthetics, which has only been performed on a dozen animals worldwide.

A few short months after the operation, Vincent the cat was brought back for a final examination. He seemed as happy and as healthy as ever, although he had not gained back all of his confidence. “I anticipate that he’ll be jumping and doing really normal cat things very soon,” said Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, the orthopedic surgeon who was the one to attach the new legs.


This is a heartwarming story to illustrate the power of modern medicine as well as the power of an owner’s love for her cat.

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