Boston Cops Build Refuge for Stray Cat Who Basically Lives On Their Base

The Roxbury neighborhood police in Boston have adopted a calico stray cat that they’ve named “SWAT Cat” since she has been living at the police department since 2013. Due to the cat squatting on the police department’s premises, it has managed to sneak into the Special Weapons and Tactics room several times, earning her the SWAT Cat nickname. The cat recently went missing for a while, and police officers from the neighborhood were worried for her.

Upon her return to the department, Officer Jamie Pietroski decided to build SWAT Cat her own little house so she can “relax while visiting the police department.” Pietroski is a 15- year veteran of the Boston police department and spends numerous nights building the little house. The house was finally completed last week just in time as the weather in Boston became very cold. The little house comes fully equipped with a studio interior, a huge deck in the rear for eating, and glass doors that provide a beautiful view of the city. The cat certainly was a huge fan of the house and moved in right away.

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