Bear Crashes Woman’s Yard, Uses it as His Playground

It’s spring time, meaning that the bears are ending their long hibernation and are ready to get out in the world. Most of them will have food as their main priority after winter sleep, but there are also those that just want to stretch their legs a bit and have some fun.

New York native Anna Cory-Watson recently had a close encounter with a fun-seeking bear, who decided to crash her yard and use it as a playground. Cory-Watson kept a safe distance, but she managed to record a video that showcased the animal’s playful character.

The bear first decided to get some soccer practice done using a soccer ball that he found in the yard before picking up a hose and almost getting entangled in it. His attention then turned to the family’s trampoline, and you know that he had to give it a try.

“I immediately grabbed my phone and started taking pictures,” Cory-Watson said in a chat with The Dodo. “I couldn’t believe it.”

As it turns out, the bear stretched his playing time to a couple of hours before deciding to take a breather. He then simply left the yard, probably going to check out how much the world had changed while he was asleep.

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