Adorable Hamster Escapes a Minecraft Maze

Hamsters are energetic little animals that never back down from a challenge. Especially if that challenge requires some running through a Minecraft maze, as recent viral YouTube video shows.

The clip features an adorable hamster named Homa finding himself in the pixilated world of Minecraft. The hamster is stuck in a “prison cell” and now needs to find his way to freedom by overcoming various obstacles and solving a complex maze.

As you might have guessed, watching an adorable fluffy animal making its way through pixilated surroundings is surprisingly entertaining. The video racked up more than 36 million views to date, impressing YouTube users with both its hero and the fascinating design of the maze.

“Hamster Homa is an over-energized Hamster who LOVES adventure! The only thing he loves as much as adventure is juicy carrot treats,” his owner explains.

Hamster Homa’s love for adventure is on full display in other videos posted on his YouTube channel Minecraft Hamster Homa. In them, the hamster goes through various mazes and obstacles, including a different Minecraft maze with lava and a Pop It prison maze with a water slide.

For those wondering whether hamsters enjoy these mazes, rest assured that they do. Hamsters are curious by nature and enjoy exploring new things, solving puzzles, and overcoming obstacles. The mazes allow them to do all of this and be entertained for hours.

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