Adorable French Bulldog Tries to Drink With a Straw Like his Owner

A dog doing human-like things is always an adorable sight; even if they are just faking it. TikTok user Riley Moss recently shared a video on social media that shows a compilation of photos showing her adorable French bulldog Beaux drinking with a straw.

The clip quickly became viral, getting close to seven million views in a week. “Me to my french bulldog puppy when I taught him how to drink out of a straw,” Moss captioned the video on her page, @rileynm10.

While many believed that Beaux actually learned to drink using a straw, that isn’t quite the case. In a chat with Newsweek, Moss revealed that the video was actually a joke. Her beloved pet doesn’t know how to use a straw, but that didn’t stop him from trying to copy her. Beaux’s persistence ended up prompting her to release the video.

“He has always chewed on straws ever since I got him as a puppy, and I just started taking pictures of him and attempting to make the same expressions as him when I snapped the photos,” she shared.

In case you are wondering, dogs can’t drink using a straw as they are unable to create the necessary suction. Still, it is adorable to see them trying.

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