A Woman’s Best Friend

Some of us wish we could take our pets everywhere and some celebs do. Whether they are out with friends, shopping or on a film set, these celebs are always seen with their furry companions.

We gathered our favourite owner / dog pics of the year which we thought really illustrate the bond between humans and their canine friends.

No outfit is complete without your pooch. Kendall Jenner is seen here glammed up in an elegant tangerine dress. But most the most striking part is she is carrying her whippet pup under an arm.

A Womans Best Friend

This might be the cutest photo yet. Laura Whitmore is seen in a golden plaid jacket and peeking from inside is her sweet little fox terrier pup.

A Womans Best Friend

Joss Stone and her little terrier are both seen exiting Radio 1. These two are inseparable and can be seen doing everything together, including going to concerts and grocery shopping.

A Womans Best Friend

In this last pic, Paris Hilton is seen taking her chihuahua, Peter Pan, to an interview with Extra. Hilton loves her pooch so much that she is almost never seen without him.

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