A Girls Love for Writing and Cats Caused her to Write this Adorable Report

Rimsha and Romesa from San Antonio, Texas, have been begging their parents to get a family cat ever since they had to give away their old cat, Pepper. The two girls’ father has always encouraged them to write reports on various things, so Romesa, who is only 11 years old, decided to write a six-page report on why her parents should purchase a cat. The report was titled “To mom and dad: why I would love a cat, Benefits of cats, and fixing problems.” It only took her an hour to write the whole essay and she is extremely proud of her work.

Romesa is one smart 11-year-old because she actually had some pretty valid points as to why the family should get a cat. She says that cats can warn you about seizures, are good for kids, and there are many cats out there that can use a good home. Romesa even used religion to help tempt her parents and said “Prophet Muhammed always fed cats and helped them out, because he knew they were kind and clean animals.” She also mentions that if she had a cat to play with, she would spend less time on her electronic devices, which would make any parent happy.

Rimsha was so touched by her sister’s adorable essay that she decided to share it on Twitter, and, of course, it went viral instantly. Now, tons of people are rooting for Rimsha and Romesa’s parents to buy them a cat. Romesa now says that she thinks “Chances are maybe 80% as of now.”

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