Cut Out Oily Tortilla Chips in Your Nachos With These 6 Tricks

Nothing cures the need for nibbles like a plate of warm and crispy nachos. Trouble is, this tasty snack can pack a really powerful calorie punch. Cut down on calories and carbs with these six tricks for replacing the tortilla chips in your nachos.

  1. Zucchini – Take all that fresh summer zucchini and throw it on the grill to create a nacho chip with an added flavor boost, and vitamin kick.
  2. Grilled Sweet Potatoes – Slice up some sweet potatoes and grill to crisp them. Basically potato chips!
  3. Baked Sweet Potatoes – There’s no end to the number of ways sweet potatoes can up your nacho game. For a slight variation on the grilled potatoes: slice, sprinkle with olive oil and salt and throw in the oven to crisp.
  4. Greek Pita Chip Nachos – The Mediterranean diet is well known to be super healthy and highly nutritious. Get your Greek on and make your own crispy pita chips. Whole wheat is a plus!
  5. Cheese Nachos – More cheese? Yes please! In this creative variation, bake a sheet of your favorite cheese to crisp it up and use the cheese itself as a chip.
  6. Teeny Pepper Nachos – Hit up Trader Joe’s for a bag of those cute lil’ bell peppers and slice them up to create a crispy, colorful (and healthy!) base for your nachos.

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