Kick Those Extra Pounds with These Bedtime Tricks

It’s the little things that count, right? By incorporating these simple bedtime habits into your routine you may just shed a few pounds.


This old wives’ tale of drinking a glass of milk before going to sleep has some definite benefits to it. A glass of milk has the protein your body craves, and drinking it at night makes your muscles work even while sleeping.


Turning down the thermometer also has some benefits. The lower your body temperature is when you’re in dreamland the more calories your body has to spend keeping it warm.

Solo Time

Allowing yourself a little alone time before bed helps to relax the body and mind. This provides for a better sleep, which can help stave off unwanted belly fat.

Mood Lighting

Keeping your surroundings dark while sleeping results in a better night’s sleep. A recent University of Oxford study showed that women who slept in pitch-black rooms were 21% less likely to be obese than women who slept in partially lit rooms.

Bedtime Yoga

Yoga has endless benefits, including weight loss. Doing this moderate exercise before bed leaves the body more relaxed, more prepared for deep sleep, and therefore less likely to reap the negative benefits from poor sleeping habits.


This is something NOT to do! Alcohol, while it may help you pass out, actually interferes with the body’s natural nighttime sugars, creating an imbalance which can add inches to that waistline.


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