5 Reasons Why You Need Cocoa Butter Now

Your skin will thank you for using this natural moisturizer. The benefits are endless and you won’t regret it. You can find some pretty cheaply and in some wonderful scents. Once you’ve got it, you’ll find so many ways to use it, but we’ve got five to help get your started.

  1. Moisture Master – As a daily moisturizer, cocoa butter is master of them all. Give your skin a treat with the fatty acids of the butter, which increases moisture retention.
  2. Treat for Chapped Lips – Cocoa butter is the best for chapped lips and mixed with scented oil, like orange, peppermint or lavender, it can work hard and smell great.
  3. Wrinkles Away – The anti-ageing properties of cocoa butter increase the elasticity of your skin and will take years off your face.
  4. Burn Treatment – Use cocoa butter to soothe nasty burns. Make sure to use a butter without alcohol and other fragrances that might further irritate skin. It’s a natural way to help skin heal.
  5. Treating eczema and dermatitis – Its gentle enough to use on eczema and can help ease rashes or dermatitis. Just gently rub a small amount of butter on the affected area and let the magic cocoa butter do its work.

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