5 Emu-sing Facts You Should Know About Emus

Emus are one of the most unique animal species that Australia has in store, and they’ve been fascinating bird lovers for years. We’re bringing you five emu-sing facts about these remarkable flightless birds that will change the way you look at them.

True Giants

Emus are true giants of the avian world. They can reach a weight of up to 60 kg and a height of up to 1.9 meters, which makes them the world’s second tallest bird species behind ostriches.

Quirky Feet

If you pay close attention to emus’ feet, you’ll notice they have three toes, which is one of the reasons behind their high running speed.

Powerful Calf Muscles

The three-toed feet aren’t the only reason behind the emus’ impressive leg power. Their unique pelvic limb musculature also includes gastrocnemius muscles, making them the only bird species with calf muscles.

Incubation Process

Another thing that makes emus unique is their incubation process. Males are the ones incubating the eggs for around eight weeks, and they tend to lose a third of their body weight because they barely eat or drink while waiting for the babies to hatch.

Unique Eyelids

Emus often live in windy arid regions, so they developed two pairs of eyelids, including a translucent, second layer, meant to protect their eyes from the dust.

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