4 Ways To Raise A Friendly Cat

Cats are known to be selfish and arrogant beings but it’s definitely possible to teach them to be a little bit more friendly.

Here are some simple tips to make your cat feel more comfortable to show his friendly side that people love so much.

Gain Your Cat’s Trust

Instead of being scared around you all the time because you do unexpected things that scares your cat off,  it’s very important to treat him or her with care and make sure he or she feels loved.

4 Ways To Raise A Friendly Cat

That way your cat gets used to you and starts to build trust in you which leads to him or her actually wanting your love and attention.

Teach Them To Respond To You Calling Their Name.

Cats are super intelligent animals and teaching them to respond to their name isn’t that hard to do. It just takes a little time and patience. Start by calling your cat’s name repeatedly and reward him or her with a treat when they respond by walking towards you.

4 Ways To Raise A Friendly Cat


Cat’s who are thought to respond to their name usually enjoy the presence of people and aren’t shy to ask for some attention.

Let Your Cat Get Used To Friendly Dogs

Cat’s and dogs aren’t known to instinctively be the best of friends. But by carefully encouraging them to get used to each other it’s possible to create great friendships between the two.

4 Ways To Raise A Friendly Cat

Cat’s are naturally afraid of dogs or have had some traumatic experiences with violent canines. So if you want your cat and dog to be friends, make sure your dog is cat-friendly first.

Don’t Leave Your Cat Home Alone Too Often

If you have a cat but are away from home due to a demanding job or busy social life, chances are your cat develops a more independent personality because he or she doesn’t get lots of attention. So when you want your cat to be more social with you and others spend as much of your free time with him or her. Even invite your family and friends over to play with your cat and give him or her some extra love and attention.

4 Ways To Raise A Friendly Cat

It goes without saying that you can best start using these tips when your cat is still a little kitten so that he or she grows up to be social, lovable and not so arrogant.

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