10 Workout Myths: Debunked

When it comes to exercising and working out there are millions of people who claim to be experts and a hundred different myths and theories floating around the gym floor. We have collated a list of workout truths to ensure you aren’t wasting your time and are able to reach your health and fitness goals the right way!

Myth #1: Strength training make you bulk up.

Strength training will not make women bulk up. In fact strength training may actually help you build a leaner frame – with the correct diet of course.

Myth #2: One can focus losing fat from a specific body parts.

You can’t focus on losing fat in specific areas of your body. Spot training is not a thing and if you want to lose weight in one area you need to lose overall body fat to see results.

Myth #3: Cardio makes you lose weight.

Cardio is not necessarily the best way to lose weight. While we certainly won’t negate its benefits, sometimes running for hours on ends isn’t the only option. Combining cardio with strength training will often see greater results.

Myth #4: Not feeling sore means you didn’t get a good workout.

Pain is not the only indicator of an intense workout , but rather an indicator of a large amount of stress being placed on the tissue.

Myth #5: Give 100 percent effort in your workout.

Being present and focused is more important than pushing your body 110% during every workout.  We all need to be wary of overtraining. Yes – It’s a real thing!

Myth #6: Strength training means using machines and heavy weights.

Regardless of what people say, strength training doesn’t have to mean scary machines and super heavy weights. Strength training actually refers to using resistance to build muscle, soo you can use anything!

Myth #7: Sweating indicates if you worked hard.

Sweating is most definitely not an indicator of how hard you have worked but rather of an increase in your core temperature.

Myth #8: Crunches are good for your abs.

While crunches are a great exercise for your abs, they are not actually the most efficient. In actual fact the best exercise you can do for your abs are when you are standing up.

Myth #9: Workout will not be effective in less than 20 minutes exercising

There should never be a time limit on your workout, 20 minutes of cardio or less with high intensity training. It’s still better than sitting on your bum doing nothing.

Myth #10: Stretch before a workout.

While you should never jump straight into a workout, you can do a more active warm up and stretch afterwards to cool down. 

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