12 Kardashian Weight Loss Tips You Should Never Follow

While notoriously well-known for an array of ridiculous antics the Kardashians are not the family you want to listen to when it comes to weight loss and healthy living tips. Don’t get us wrong, some of the sisters have definitely advocated realistic and even healthy methods for weight loss like exercise and a well-balanced diet, but for the most part the Kardashian clan are better known for quick fixes and, we’re sorry to say it, but throwing money at the problem. Here are a few weight loss tips we would suggest NOT following if you want to lose weight the healthy and sustainable way.

Exercising in a Sauna Suit – While wearing a sauna suit will make you feel like you’ve lost weight because of sweating out so much water, the effects are only temporary and the likelihood of becoming overheated or dehydrated are just not worth it.


Cutting out Dairy – Khloe say she owes her weight loss to cutting out dairy but remember that by cutting out all milk and cheese you are also cutting out an excellent source of protein and calcium.


Cutting out Gluten – Another whole food group omitted from your diet means another selection of nutrients you are depriving your body of. Also remember that most gluten substitutes are supplemented with additional fats and sugars to aid in taste and consistency.


Wearing a Waist Trainer – wearing the elastic sweat band in the stomach area to aid in weight loss and get rid of the bloating has in fact absolutely no effect on stomach or body contouring.


These are just a few of the Kardashian weight loss tips. Others include drinking weight loss teas and probiotic shots to speed up your metabolism, eating chia seeds and other strange concoctions. We’re not sure where they get these tips from but we know that slow and steady exercise and healthy diet always wins the race.

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