Not Just for Mary Poppins: 10 Reasons to Get on a Bike

You got one for your 7th birthday, and learned how to ride it in just a week (with a few scrapes here and there). Here are some reasons that we should all be riding bikes more as adults.

“It’s a beautiful morning…”

Or afternoon, you get what I’m saying. Riding your bike to work in the mornings allows you to see the beauty of your own neighborhood, and catch views that the subway just can’t offer.

You’ll look forward to doing it

We all had cardio crunch classes at the gym, but riding a bike is an exercise you’ll actually crave. And that’s the best way to stay fit- finding exercises you like doing!

Not as much pain = still gain

Biking takes off the pressures on your joints that running comes with. So even if you have a history of injuries, biking usually is safe and harmless.

Now is the time for cycling

Time Blumenthal, president of biking club Bikes Belong, recently said, “In each of the last five years, federal money has supported 3,000 projects a year for bike lanes, paths and things like that,” With all of the governmental support for biking, its time to take advantage of it!

It beats car traffic

Like I said above, biking is a great mode of transportation. If you live in a weather-permitting area, biking can replace driving as your way fo getting to work while saving gas and pollution!

You can do it until you’re gray

Since biking isn’t as intense of a workout as running, you can enjoy your wheels until you’re into your 80s. Invest in a quality bike and that too may last for decades.

Stress be gone!

The endorphins you produce while riding your bike help to reduce the stresses of everyday life. Plus the traffic that you won’t be sitting in will allow you to relax a bit on the way to work.

You can even do it for charity

Many major cities have charity bike rides throughout the year to raise money for good causes. Okay, yes we are pulling out the guilt trip on you, but isn’t it working?

A tourist in your own neighborhood

While you may not be so inclined to explore your neighborhood by foot, the swiftness of a bicycle may just encourage you to get out there. Learn about that new museum down the block, try out that café across the street, or even stop by the weekend farmer’s market in the city center, all on your two wheels!

Bring it back to childhood

Do you remember the excitement and joy of getting your first bike? Hopping on one now as an adult can bring back that same excitement; hey, riding a bike is ultimately a fun thing!

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