Wild Fox Invites Herself to Woman’s House, Gets Comfy in Her Bed

London native Holly Edwards recently discovered that you don’t have to go to the zoo or take a walk through the forest to see a wild fox. It turns out there is a good chance you will encounter one in your bed if you leave the garden door open.

Edwards was preparing to go to work one morning when her roommate started “freaking.” She rushed to see what was happening and was met with an unexpected sight; there was a fox getting comfortable in her bed.

As it turned out, her roommate left the backdoor to the garden open, and the fox sneaked in while no one was looking. It was cold and raining that morning, so the animal was just looking somewhere to hide until the bad weather went away.

The fox didn’t get unsettled once discovered, allowing Edwards to capture the event on video and share it on her TikTok.

@markc0rrigan Foxes in london be getting way too comfortable #fox #london #londonfoxes ♬ BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

“[He] was really beautiful!” Edwards told The Dodo. “I’m actually quite terrified of [foxes] usually, but this one was really cute.”

Despite Edwards being charmed by the fox, she couldn’t allow it to stay in her apartment for too long. She and her roommate got to a safe distance and then started making some noise in order to let the fox know she had to go. The animal took the hint soon enough and was out of the door to find a more welcoming place.

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